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We offer the only Workflow Timeline which incorporates data from all business activities into one solution. This integration allows us to create more powerful tools to optimize small businesses, reducing costs of time and actual expense.After 12 years in business, early adopter saw an increase of sales from $7K/month to over $45K/month in 4 years after switching to AllProWebTools. This growth came from greater overall efficiency and from our marketing coaching services. Colour Restoration, an auto restoration company in Loveland, has seen an increase in staff productivity as a result of better time-tracking and reporting. This resulted in a revenue increase of $60K in 6 months.After 5 years in online sales, saw sales grow from $1K/month to $14K/month in the first 6 months after using AllProWebTools and taking advantage of our productivity tools and marketing coaching services.The comprehensive reporting provided by AllProWebTools provides better clarity as to which marketing efforts are working and which are not. With that clarity, these business owners could make better decisions to grow their businesses. Several other clients are seeing growth by using AllProWebTools.

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Our company’s mission is to increase a merchant’s bottom line by bringing existing customers back to their business more often. This service can be used by anyone looking to announce specials , promotions, discounts, reminders of special events and much more .