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Composition Cinema

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Are you struggling to book more clients?
Is it difficult convincing ideal clients you are their best option?
Have you recently lost a client to competitors with less to offer?

“New clients remark that watching the video helped them to choose our services.”
Marianne Power, Lakeland Midwifery Care

We create emotionally compelling videos that help you sell.

It starts with transforming your message; making it clear & compelling for your target audience. Then we create videos that are completely focused on helping you book more business with enough brand building that customers will remember you if they aren’t ready to “Buy Now!” We help our clients to add their final videos to Facebook, Instagram, and their website as well as any other platforms.

How much money is wasted blasting social media without a compelling story? How many potential clients are lost to your competitors? How many appointment slots are empty because ideal clients don’t know why you’re the best option?
Waiting to get compelling sales videos for your business may already be costing you a lot.

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Dark Matter Creative

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Dark Matter Creative is a visual story teller. We cultivate a Brand’s story and present it to their ideal client. What does your Brand’s story tell?